Saturday, 20 August 2016


Another page in my PaperArtsy junk journal, this one is all about patterns. For this page I have drawn and coloured a Mandala. 

First with pencil and a compass.. 

Going over the lines with a medium grey fineliner. 

Starting to colour with Prisma pencils

More colouring..

Adding in more colours, plus shading with darker pencils. 

Once I had finished colouring I added Infusions tot he outside edges

Not sure I liked it, the outer edges looked  a bit grungy.

So I used white paint to go over the Infusions, as they are water reactive they merged with the paint and created a pleasant pale green background. 

I then added the black stripes. 

I really love this page. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Cakey -Bakey

I had some leftover strawberries, so decided to make them into a summer cake..not that we are having much of a summer, but cake makes everything better!

First I made 2 Victoria sponges. 

and some Lemon and Lavender shortbread. I also chopped up the strawberries, keeping just a few whole. 

I whipped up some cream and added the chopped strawberries and spread these over one of the cakes. 

then added the other cake on top.. 

more cream on top.. 

I scattered the rest of the chopped strawberries onto the cream. 

I dipped the whole strawberries into melted white chocolate and put these in the fridge to set. 

Finally I arranged some of the Lavender shortbread and the choc-dipped strawberries on the top.. all ready to eat. 

Have to say it was flippin delish.. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Topic Page

This is a page in my junk journal that I am using for this years PaperArtsy topics. The fabric topic had be a bit stumped, how to get fabric in a journal... It started off bright, got really grungy and ended up with lots of texture. 

Really not sure if I like how it went, but this journal is not meant to have pretty,pretty ,polished pages. That in itself can be hard, to just let go and play.. regardless of the outcome. 

So pretty watercolours to begin. 


More layers of paint, slick stix, and doodling. 

Layers of fabric glued in place. 

and finally more stamping. 

I really don't think it is a favourite page, but I can't help but touch and stroke it, there is nothing precise or neat about it at all.. but it was very freeing to do.. so maybe there is success in that!

Darcy x

Sunday, 14 August 2016


I recently entered a competition on Twitter to win a box of art supplies from Scrawlr, if you have never heard of them please do visit their site HERE.  All I had to do was retweet one of their tweets and i was ridiculously happy to have won. the box came within a couple of days and here is a video of me unboxing the supplies. 

Each month Scrawlr also issue a challenge using the supplies that they send out. At the end of the unboxing video you will see my drawing. 

Darcy x

Friday, 12 August 2016

Paper Piecing

Here is my paper pieced page in my junk journal, using the PaperArtsy topic of Paper Piecing as inspiration. 

This page was lumpy from the additions to the previous page, so I added some gesso to even it out a bit, but then decided to just go with the lumps. 

I added PaperArtsy Infusions and let then dribble and pool into the dips between the lumps. I actually really loved this stage. 

I then cut some patterned paper into sections so that I could piece this heart. 

 and did the same with some letters. 

I inked all the edges to give definition between the joins. I also added shading down one side with a water soluble pencil, and some stamping. 

I added the same shading etc to the word side. 

All done 

Darcy x

Monday, 8 August 2016

Some pages

Hi there, I have been trying to keep up with Wanderlust, however there is so much of it I am way behind. I am doing ok with the one collage challenge and the Wanderlust pages get done when I have time. Sadly the classes are on hold for now. I do download them all and will get to them when I can. 

So here is a bit of a catchup with pages. 

This page was for the prompt 'what are you most grateful for' After 11 operations in 11 yrs I have a lot to be grateful for regarding the nhs. This was a quick doodle of an old fashioned ambulance. 

Another prompt was 'fingerprint' This isn't mine, it is a doodle of a fingerprint, just done with a black pen. The background was lots of layered stencilling. 

This one doesn't look like much, but it is actually finished. The prompt was 'what is different today from a year ago' This represents my swimming journey and there is a lot of muted text in the centre section talking about this subject. 

This prompt was 'what are you passionate about' For me it is colour. I started by writing words associated with art, using Crayola Slickstix so they could be blended a little and blurred. {The background is ink through a piece of tapestry canvas}

Over the top I added a colour wheel using the new stamp set from Everything Art.EEA03 I also added painted fabric flowers and circles, and finally the stamped text from one of my own stamps. EDY18

Darcy x

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Colour Mixing

The current topic over at PaperArtsy is colour Mixing, you can see the intro page HERE. You can also join in with the challenge from that page too. 

I have been documenting the topics in my junk journal, just like I did last year. 

I had some old colour mixed swatches left over from when we had limited edition paints. 

I coloured the pages and added a light pencil grid, then cut apart the swatches and glued them onto the page. 

With what was left of the swatch pages I cut out a little pooch.. 

and a little girl.. I used book pages for her face, arms and legs. 

in place they looked  a little lost.. 

so I added some stencilling tot he background. 

 All that was left to do was some shading and doodling. 

This was fun to do and its always good to use up leftovers. 

Darcy x

Monday, 1 August 2016

A weekend

My gorgeous sister in law and children (and brother) live in chicago, recently they were over here for a holiday and we were able to catch up with them. It was also my sister in law's father's birthday, so an excuse for a party. 

For the birthday boy I made a memory jar. 

just a coffee jar decorated, so easy..

He keeps bees and makes honey, so I added a tiny bee on top. 

Filled with journal prompts and teamed with a lovely journal {from WHSmiths} and also a scroll of instructions. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day, the girls were playing with giant Jenga. 

lots of water bombs were thrown too, many,many soggy children and adults. 

The bouncy castle and slide were a huge hit. 

I just had to get inside the bouncy castle for a wee jump about. 

Fabulous family weekend. Oh and my favourite butchers is nearby so I came home with lots of yummy sausages too. 

Darcy x